On Saturday and Sunday, the two final rounds (in 2 age categories) for the Prix Laurence

literary competition for young authors between 12 and 26 years of age, took place in Bettembourg.


The jury:

Vesna Andonovic, Jérôme Jaminet, Christiane Kremer, Sabrina Notka, Antoine Pohu, Thomas Schoos and Pit Hoerold.

The laureates of the 2023 edition

Age category 12-17 years

1st Price - Prix Laurence 2023
Harry Boutou (15), Luxembourg - Repos estival

2nd Price
Gunes Soyer (16), Luxembourg – These Nights

3rd Price
Valeriia Stelmashenko (15), Luxembourg – Das Zuhause

Special Mention of the Jury
Lucile Rivron Martinelli (15), Luxembourg - The Sickness; The Moon

Coups de coeur du Jury
Giacomo Bernardo Spreafico (13), Luxembourg – Ben, The Boy Who Crossed The Street

Jemima Foyster (14), Luxembourg – A Perfect Storm; The Weight of the World


Audience Award (online voting)
Martina Adami (14), Italy – Gaia e il mondo perfetto



Age category 18-26 years

1st Price - Prix Laurence 2023
Lavinia Nemes (18), Luxembourg – Grain d’os

2nd Price
Ieva Marija Sokolovaite (23), Lithuania – Redemptio

3rd Prix
Cheryl Fairon (18), Luxembourg – Bittersweet

Special Mention of the Jury
Ferelith Kingston (25), Luxembourg – The Good Guy?

Coups de coeur du Jury
Nina Bernier (18), Luxembourg – L’autre devant moi ; L’Ecume

Viktorija Kuzabaviciute (19), Lituanie – Vien


Audience Award (online voting)
Maxime Heim (25), Luxembourg - I Am the City




Our warmest congratulations to all the laureates!

Many thanks to all the finalists and participants of the competition.


123 young authors from Luxembourg, the Greater Region, Flaibano (Italy), Valpaços (Portugal) and Kaunas (Lithuania)

took part in this 8th European edition of the Prix Laurence with 188 texts.


The Prix Laurence 2023 anthology, containing the texts of all finalists and laureates

in the two age categories (12 - 17 years and 18 - 26 years), will be published soon!



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The winners of the Prix Laurence 2022

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