The Finalists of the PRIX LAURENCE 2024 -  Literary Competition for Young Authors


In the context of the 12th edition of its literary festival, LiteraTour, held from 19 to 28 April 2024, the municipality of Bettembourg (L) organized the 9th edition of the PRIX LAURENCE, a literary competition for young authors aged 12 to 26.

Young authors from Luxembourg and the Greater Region participated in this European edition alongside authors from Valpaços (Portugal) and Flaibano (Italy), partner towns of Bettembourg.

Once again, the competition saw tremendous success with

144 authors submitting a total of 193 texts in 5 languages.


The following authors will present their texts listed below during the two finals, featuring public readings. The “Prix du Public” will be awarded through voting via the Prix Laurence website: www.prixlaurence.lu.


Finalists for the age category 12 - 17 years:

The final with public readings will take place on Saturday, 27 April 2024 at 11.00 am at KulTourhaus, 8, rue de l’École, L-3341 Huncherange (Municipality of Bettembourg)


Martina Adami (15), Italy – Gaia e l'abisso magico

Hugo Bouvier De La Fuente (13), Luxembourg - Clonalité.2.0

Nour Bouzazi Asselbourg (15), Luxembourg - Le traître

Ruben Chardome (16), Luxembourg - A poet's mind / One centimeter

Chiara Colapietro (12), Luxembourg - la mia vita nella ginnastica ritmica

Louis Evers (15), Luxembourg - Tu mir das nicht an

Lea Failla (13), Luxembourg - Elves of the seasons

Jemima Foyster (15), Luxembourg - The Call

Sara Garcia (16), Portugal -   911544315 Amor em Analogia

Alara Klopp (17), Luxembourg - AT THE HAIDRESSER’S. Your hair apparently likes to talk.

Charlotte Lindsey (15), Luxembourg - The Butterfly / A Ballerina

Charles Nys (12), Luxembourg - LA chute, Le déclin d’un monde

Armando Pereira (13), Portugal - Caminhos divinos

Toni Salomon-Siebenaller (15), Luxembourg - Der rote Drache

Noémie Turquin (17), Luxembourg - Pilule Rose


Finalists for the age category 18 - 26 years:

The final with public readings will take place on Sunday, 28 April 2024 at 11.00 am at KulTourhaus, 8, rue de l’École, L-3341 Huncherange (Municipality of Bettembourg)


Sofia Alami Laroussi (21), Luxembourg – The dark realm of solitude

Sara Andjelkovic (26), Luxembourg – Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mer sinn

Nina Bernier (19), Luxembourg – Memento / Sur la ville

Julia Bringewald (18), Luxembourg – Female rage

Priscille-Marie Chevrier (26), Luxembourg – De l’ailleurs / Soirées languides

Laura Fagan (18), Luxembourg – out the window

Cora Frank (23), Germany - Franglais, denglish et autre Wirrwarr!

Leni Georges (18), Luxembourg – Preacher liked the cold

Maxime Heim (26), Luxembourg - Dialogue de Sourds (Deaf Talk) / Catastrophist

Raquel Kisch (21), Luxembourg - (UN)SOCIAL MEDIA or the consumption of empty promises

Marie-Laure Michem (19), Luxembourg – Inkbound Souls

Tobias Rault (19), Luxembourg - Le caddie / Sonnet métaphysique / Blanche

Jana Schockmel (20), Luxembourg – I am a poet


The Luxembourg jury comprises Vesna Andonovic, Nicolas Calmes, Jérôme Jaminet, Sabrina Notka, Antoine Pohu, Thomas Schoos and Pit Hoerold.

The 8th edition of the anthology, showcasing the texts of the laureates of the Prix Laurence 2024, will be published by the end of 2024.


Join us in Bettembourg (L)

for the two finals of the Prix Laurence 2024.



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