She is a wave

She is a wave

She is smart,

she is so intelligent,

she is a great student,

she is going to climb high,

she is the best version of herself,

she is achieving way more goals than me,

she is has a more exciting life than me.

I want to be like her someday in future,

I should just ask her how to climb,

I should start to solve my issues,

I am just not as good as her,

I am just not organized,

I am not productive,

I am failing…

I want her secret!

Her secret is:

the dried sweat stains,

the scares you don’t see,

the dried tears on her cheek,

the blood pressure under her thin skin,

the curves and hills of her life path,

the people she has left behind on bumpy roads,

the suppressed warning signs in her pale eyes,

the unspoken words crossed her tired mind,

the dark places in her dreams,

the time she spent alone.

You don’t see me,

only my mirror.

news created by Lara Bertemes: 12.12.2021