Prix Laurence - Bettembourg Prix Laurence 2020 - Luxembourg

Prix Laurence 2020

Suglia Cosimo - Twenty Modern Fables

One—The fox told of truth behind the red lion’s back, but the monarch’s roar was deafening.

Two—It is with certain distance that the crab associates himself with the cancer; rumours are, after all, that cancer kills countless humans.

Three—The pigeon does not mind humans and, in spite of everything, their trash’s flavour is definitely the best.

Four—Most think the hyena laughs, but he does not, on the contrary, he weeps.

Five—Wolfs have a hard time understanding dogs; they must be from Stockholm the wolfs rationalize.

Six—Coitus with females is for the panda of no interest; he takes pride in being called a bear.

Seven—The black-furred dog is afraid of the police; he definitely knows what they are capable of.

Eight—Faking his own death was the goldfish’s best decision; being flushed down the toilet hurts less than being ignored by loved ones.

Nine—It seems humans have never seen themselves in the mirror the ugly duckling states angrily.

Ten—He is known by everyone as being strong, but the ox wants to be vulnerable instead.

Eleven—It is quite difficult to chew, especially so with a missing upper jaw, the rhinoceros realizes.

Twelve—The penguin ponders where he left pieces of his home, daily; he must suffer from amnesia.

Thirteen—To avoid of being taken by the horns is the bull’s task, because he knows of the impaling danger of human entertainment.

Fourteen—Seals have it hard; they barely look like moles and yet they get whacked.

Fifteen—Orca’s landlord is rather strict; she wants to move out to the ocean, but her contract does not allow it.

Sixteen—Straw could never break the camel’s back, but overweight tourists can.

Seventeen—The bee cannot be busy enough to avoid extinction.

Eighteen—And the lamb is not as innocent as most would think; her parents were slaughtered after all.

Nineteen—Pony has several tricks up his sleeves once the whip hits hard enough, of course.

And lastly:

Twenty—The elephant in the room is us.


eingesendet am: 17:03 Thu, 30 April 2020 von: Suglia Cosimo



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