Prix Laurence - Bettembourg Prix Laurence 2019 - Luxembourg

Prix Laurence 2019

Huybrechts Imani - Stillness of the light

I saw the stillness of the light inside the candle on the table

upon which I was moving

my pen across yellowish paper sheets

the smell of coffee made with care

brought me back to the morning

of a life that had once been mine


The memory of a life still residing

in the ancient chambers of my human mind

my feet stepped upon the complicated, dusty underground

I could not quite call sand

as sand was not made of the

white crumbly rests of tortured

bones once having belonged to souls

like mine, except for the rifles in their

hands and the roar of guns in their ears.


My hand felt their pain  

through that one brown corn that my bare feet

had catapultated into the vast area of 

invisible experiences of past spirits inhabiting strong and less strong skeletons

moving upon the rythm of their

own breath, misguided by the 

thousand and one breaths around them


Universal hands, maybe those of God

Maybe those of my disillusional 

Self, pushed me further

through the with symbols engraved door

the runes I knew enlightened me with a feeling of belonging

I knew was less of a lie 

than the usual through alcohol awakened 

hallucinations of being 

someone else belonging to somebody else

or anything else that made me 

forget the non-earthly space I knew

I could call home but of which

I always seemed to lose the acces code

Instead I was gifted this skin and

the ability to make it look human

on sunny days and on days

of rain it would produce not only 

sound but also the salty water 

coming from Atlantis, channeled through

eyes showing a piece of the 

truth if the spirit inside would decide

to let down the ancient silver armor

chasing away the lines of

pure divine


unclothing the essence and the unlocked

doors transforming into portals

before my bare eyes

where fingers that I think belonged to me

were grabbing into seemingly white

air looking for a proof

While the only proof she will ever have

Is the reality emerged from poorly

written words in the morning or night

next to a dying candle and a cup 

of cold coffee, in one of the 

many places she called home



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Prix Laurence 2019

Huybrechts Imani - Shall we dance?


Shall we dance

were asking the lanterns 

on the ceiling

attached by metal but freer

than the boy in the chair 

looking up, reaching high 

for something always out of his reach


shall we dance

his mother asked him

but her ghost faded 

when the boy so tenderly

held out his hands

to be caught in endless hope

and neverending love

for something only real in his dreams


the painting of his fathers ship

rocked him to sleep

and he continued his feverish quest

for a treasure filled with stories

of pure gold

like the setting sun

in the old rose garden


the statues of holy men

embellished by scars of loneliness

traced by their ancestors‘ thorns 

wild roses hanging

from the violet sky so soft

like a flowers‘ leaf

as raindrops would too

if they were not to fall down


Upon the boys eyes 

like tears from heaven 

to lift him 

and bring him home


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Prix Laurence 2019

Huybrechts Imani - Floating through the deep

Disappearing into the cold ocean

the mist heavily breathed air 

onto the tangled hair of the green eyed girl

while the waters of Nemesis grieved

for the unborn child she had become


for choosing to drift away and far

from the things that she could have changed

to find the meaning of the broken doll

and the tender smile she thought was a lie

in her childhood room

but it remembered her and doesn‘t remembering hurt


a hand of warmth and a soft caring voice

cigarette smoke and the sound of

her grandma‘s old piano

playing the song about

dreaming a dream

and all was supposed to be perfect

like the crystal glasses on her 

neatly arranged shelves

made out of pine trees

and winter stories for children


yet no one saw the bombs behind closed eyes

and the miniature soldiers coming to life

to play wargames just for her against her

and the golden necklace with the ashes of her past

drifted away on the silent waves 

as her sinking body floated through blue space

white cloth surrounding her fragile frame

carrying her to the deep caves

where nothing would await her

but where she would be alone and where she would be freed

of the need to be all that she never wished to be


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Prix Laurence 2019

Huybrechts Imani - The Tailor

I know God

said the tailor who made my shirts

you've seen him in your nightmares

and in your blissful dreams

when the road of stone turns to and end

you can liberate the hidden secrets

Encaged in the mind of the wandering gal

through places of heat and burning souls

mountains and surring insects galore


I know God

he said

he smiled and his twitching eyes locked with mine 

and I could smell the fishy breath coming out of his slightly opened mouth

exposing me to all that I  ran from

disappearing into the only thing I remembered

the physical body where I lived my hours

while rain poured down on me

washing away the fears of disguised fear

with a touch of rosemary dust and lavender hair


streams ran endlessly along the mountains

weeping for the beauty of a certain pain

and de-egocentring the system of life 

And inside of my hands I felt the movement

turned my palms up to the sun and lay them

down upon the soft cool earth and the wind blew and blows away, with steady care,

the poisonous untruth inside. 

remained I stayed in words of unspoken

thank you while all was just and true and now.


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