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Prix Laurence 2018

Kandonou Emma - To be black African


I’m lying on my bed and thinking of my chance in life to succeed when I am black. If life had given people the chance to choose their color, not a lot would take the black one, even some who are proud to be black.The color of our skin is so negatively loaded as we reject her. For us, she means slavery, colonization, poverty.Inside of us, we have hated ourselves because we have been beaten by story and we attribute this defeat to our skin color. And like Michael Jackson, we want to be white.

As Ibn Khaldoun said: The? ? losers? ? always? ? want? ? to? ? ?imitate  ?the??  victor? ? in? ? his? ? distinctive? ? ?features , ? in? ? ?the clothes?, ?the? ?profession? and?? ?all? ?the? ?conditions? of? ? existence??  and? ??customs. ??Reason ? is? ? there?? ?that ??soul always? sees?? ?perfection? ?in? ?the? ?individual? who?? ?occupies? ?the? u?pper? ?rank? ?and? ?to? whom?? ?it? ?is? ?subordinated?.

He had written it in 1377. But black people need to try to change the story. It is us, black people, who need to reverse this wrong perception of us. You can’t lie in our house and wait for the neighbours to pay our electricity. Yes, our continent is the least developed in the world, yes we have the poorest of all countries but all these things have nothing to do with the skin color,we have inherited to a long story.When are we going to stop complaining and hating ourselves so to understand that our story doesn’t summarize itself in slavery and colonization?

We need to understand the difference between our continent and our skin. Black people need to understand that they mix up the reason why they don’t like their skin color and the reason why they are not proud of their continent. If you mix up all these to things, you are going to see racist acts and words everywhere. Yes, there is racism and there always will be but when you go to another country understand that you become a stranger everywhere.

After a lot of hours I understand that in a long part of my life I didn’t make the difference between my skin and my continent. I’m proud to be black-skinned because we don’t throw in the towel despite all things we have left and we continue to leave. I have nothing to be proud to be African because we haven’t done anything to developed our continent but what does it mean to be African?I am born in Africa, Africa is also born in me and so the love affair with my homeland begins. Moreover, being African seems to be more than simply a coincidence of birth, it is a choice too. Those living in the Diaspora have often never touched African soil, yet Africa is alive in them. This great continent as our home vary like the colours of a rainbow. Our cultures, religions, races and languages often differ greatly so It is only natural that we love our home; after all, it is the place where we can be ourselves. I understand too that if you want something in life, you need to work for it, regardless of is your color. ?Before? living?? ?life? ?in? ?roses?, ?it? ?is? ?necessary? ?to? endure ?its? ?prickles?.

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Prix Laurence 2018

Kandonou Emma - Alexandro and the death note


The candidacy of Alexandro has been kept. He has been elected at the national assembly but he didn’t end up in office, because the Minister was scared of him, as he could wake up people and decide to fight against all the corruption in his country. Alexandro  his part realized the seriousness of this action. They rejected him because his goal was to help poor people and he knew what being poor. People had elected him but the government decided to find mistakes from his past. He was there because he never gave up. He realized to be in the one percent of people who are rich, he needed to do the things that the 99 percent of people didn’t do. This sentence was what he said in all his interviews. Truly it was a motivation for him but he found something called a death note one day. How it changed his life? You are going to know.But before, go back to the past life of the most coveted billionaire of the city.

When he was young, he first grew up in a foster family in Colombia where his parents abandoned him. Then he ran away from these people that he never considered his parents. He thinks he fell out up the sky because his creators have abandoned him like a vulgar waste. Then his adoptive parents began to abuse him because five years after he came to live with them, they got their first own child. So, at eighteen, he left this people and tried to be successful. He first tried to find an honest job but nobody wanted to employ him, so decided to go back to school. But to pay, he began drug trafficking. In the beginning he was just a street trader and then he became a gang leader. Everybody knew his name but nobody thought that he could be the same person. At school, he was the perfect student and at work he was the serious leader that you couldn't play with. He committed a lot of crime like killing people who were unfaithful to him and applied Escobar’s rules of ’’plata o plomo”.

That was his life until he met a girl who tried to change him. But it didn’t work because she wasn’t patient. When you are the leader of a gang, you can’t leave as easily as people think because all your enemies want to kill you and it’s a good opportunity for them because you don’t have any resources or contact no more. She got pregnant, and left their baby with him because she didn’t want this life for her. She did the same thing that his parents had done to him so he hated her so much. He didn’t kill her because of his daughter. After that he decided to leave this life and tried to give a better one to his daughter, but he couldn’t find any job. In the beginning, he wasn’t so scared but after two years, he had not money so he was kicked out of his house, himself, his daughter and the nanny. The nanny left them and they stayed outside, on the street with his daughter. He found that life was unjust with him because he had all the diplomas, but nobody wanted to give him a job.

One day they were walking on the street and a man let down something and he took it. He tried to give it back to him, but it was too late and he didn’t want to leave his daughter alone. Curiously he saw a death note and it was written inside that the person whose first or last name is written in this notebook dies of a heart attack within the next 40 seconds, if one writes the cause and the progress of the death after the name so the aimed person dies as described. In fact, he had found the most effective weapon ever: being able to kill the person you want in the way you want provided you know his name and his face. He was going to find out quickly that it worked. After receiving the job that he deserved, the girl decided one more time refused to get together with him, so he wrote the name of the girl on the paper and she died. Next was the director who wanted a new director and he refused him the job. Before he killed him, he made him sign that he was the new director and so the director died and he became the new one.

And from this base, he has created his own empire because he studied, but nobody gave him his chance. Now he has all things he wanted and his daughter is living with him. But it is written that two person always see you when you take the death note and one of them tries always to take it and kill you. He thinks one of this person is his daughter, but he’s not afraid, because he has explained it to her and she doesn’t want it even if she understands him. He is however, still looking of the second person.

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LiteraTour 2018

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zu Beetebuerg

De Lies-Festival fir Iech all!
11 Deeg BeeteBuerg - BicherBuerg

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4. Editioun vum Prix Laurence

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Prix Laurence 2019
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