Esch 2022
Esch 2022

Let Us Bolt

Let us bolt.

Let us bolt to a place where nobody can find us.

Where the sun sets her last set of sun rays.

Where the world would not even dare to search.


Let us pull out trees.

Let us run with our feet.

Get out of your shoes, feel the grass,

and stop making such a fuss.


Because tomorrow everything could come to an end.

And how much do I fear the end.


What when I'll never live?

What when I never touch the possibility to do?




Let us bolt.

Let us bolt to the end of the world and back.

Let us feel the sunshine, snowflakes and rain.

Let us feel joy, love and pain.

Let us get sunburned and wrinkles around our eyes.


Maybe we won't be picture perfect.

Maybe we won't look like society wants us to.


But we have stories to tell.

We have signs to ensure us,

that we did it.

All the scars and wrinkles were worth it.


Because we would have lived.

news created by Marie-Laure Michem: Tuesday, November 16, 2021