Prix Laurence - Bettembourg Prix Laurence 2019 - Luxembourg

Prix Laurence 2019

Gomes Varela Jimmy - A love story in ten poems


For so many years, loveless,
That time went through life, heartless,
Feelingless, I was stone-cold,
Rounding provoking, it told.

Needing and seeking in vain,
Be assaulted by love pain‘,
Nevertheless, it seems great,
It had ripened ‘til that date.

Astlik had fondled the soil,
And verdure was amply spoil’,
Meanwhile, I succombed to bleed,
A red rose bloomed, love it need’.

At school, I looked from above,
Immediately oozed love,
Flood’ by novel sentiment,
Nameless was the best treatment.

Lost, I was in thy blue eyes,
Warmth instantly spread, felt nice,
It grew, got bigger fire,
By the time had got higher.

My heart commingled in me,
Made me be smitten with thee,
Because I’d crave it, I bade,
Insofar as it elate.

Eris relinquished control,
I’d persistently cajole’,
Eventually she did so,
And rendered me to her foe.


Thou made me timid

Once thou came in‘ the classroom,
Thou made my heart beat boom, boom,
Thy lambency emanate’,
And has forthwith captivate’.

I was swiftly timorous,
Entranced by something wondrous,
In my nook I ruminate’,
And all those musings stimulate’.

Wanted to abscond but froze,
That red rose imbibed a dose,
Not flip’ when I looked at thee,
Closed my eyes and count to three.

And pacing my heartbeat slow,
To shun thee, my eyes stared low,
That day we suddenly teamed,
Therefore I inwardly beamed.

That two weeks I spent with bliss,
My luck has not gone amiss,
I shied away from thy gaze,
An atmosphere was ablaze.

I tensely conversed with thee,
But thou barely stared at me,
That made me over the moon,
Thou’d have responded me soon.

Unhooked’d been the pendent sun,
Embraced was the moon with fun,
Hypnos had me mesmerised,
And Morpheus patronised.



Sandman bestirred and sprinkled
In the eyes of children,
When stars, veiled by Nyx, twinkled,
Sand, so dream ducked villain’.

Along a beautiful strand,
And the moon through the tide,
We were walking hand in hand,
On argentine seaside.

Sauntering nonchalantly,
Chanced on clement weather,
While we were smiling blithely,
Mirthful altogether.

Shone with incandescent light,
Sun was rising the sky,
Lost thy fabulous sight,
And was viciously spry.


How do I get thee alone?

Monday, Ra was shinin’ above,
An emotion has grown,
Forging fain thoughts of us alone,
Unknown thou were belov’.

Tuesday, I dived in gay figments,
In a radiant mise en scene,
Unfamiliar then,
Seeming genuine for moments.

Wednesday noontime, from school I drove,
Whistling melodies
Emerging from my memories,
I rove’.

Thursday, Moon took hold of my heart,
He purposely unclenched the seals,
I was henceforth head over heels,
He subsequently depart’.

Friday, I glimpsed thy clique
Prating about, regaling thee,
I have been fancying a chatting spree,
Hereby I’d deploy new technique.

The tactics were in process-
Saturn’d tugged at the heartstrings sturdily,
And Kaam laughed heartily-
Taught them to myself in a recess.

Sunday was desirous;
Acquainted with the scheme,
Whenever he deem’,
Luna would be generous.

A Colouring

Lain in my warmly cozy bed,
During a mild night,
Watching a luminous light,
“The colour of love’s red!”

Dear Monday
Clad in greyish dress,
I flecked it in my egress
Down the doorway.

My heart’s so slack –
Happily it did not sing,
Luckily it did not spring-
He oft had a crack.

A yellow shaft of light
Came through and fell on verdancy.
It brought with him fervency,
Which wholly excite’.

Swallow have taken wing
In a painted sky blue.
A balmy breeze blew
And scarlet posies were swing’.

At school anew,
First lesson we took part,
A day that would orangely start,
“Next week an announced partnering is due!”

We’d collaborate,
Yet again we’d have to expatiate,
But my rapture’d ray surreptitiously.

I would have plunged in thy ocean blue eyes,
Been surprisingly tickled pink,
Cheerfully assented the link,
And it would have been disguise’.

I penguin thee

I’d been crayoning nocturnally,
Immersed in a dim room,
Conceiving thee exceptionally,
I groom’.

As Ra has crested the heavens,
His radiance was light’ning dawn,
Musing gleefully of the lessons
That soon were going to spawn.

Winchats were chirping a song,
Whilst ambling tremulously,
Dwelling on pensively along,
Ere presenting gregariously.

Biology began first.
The teacher had us commence,
Penguins we had rehearsed,
Our facts were all dispense’.

In the wake of our speech –
Once penguins fell for each other –
“May we speak”, I mousily beseeche’ –
They remain forever together.

“Thou want to be my penguin?”


A chemical reaction

Hereafter, we fractionated,
Thou ploddingly evacuated,
Quenching the felicity,
Terminating the electricity.

The energy has gone,
Afterwards, heat’d have leak,
I dared take a peak.

Inchmeal we’d have gather’,
We’d have conflated,
Forthwith radiated.

Intensity better’,
Thou transferred out of the blue,
Puissance lust’ly drew.

And fleetly,
Eliciting sightly,
Candescent product,
In Cologne, it’s padlocked.


Thy Serenade, with Love

Let’s waddle together,
Flipper in flipper,
For the rest of our lives…

Resting in the grass, my
Finger writing thy name in the sky,
But it flurried away.

Sitting at the beach, and
Carving thy name in the sand,
Howevr waves denuded it.

During homework in calm,
I penned thy name in my palm,
Unwittingly washed it away.

Taking out ink and feather,
Calligraphed thy name on a sheet of paper,
Unintentionally tossed it.

So I inscribed thy name in my heart,
And there, it will linger forever.


Our blithesome soirée

Promenades were being beautified,
Scintillated by a moony pearl,
And ‘round, a zephyr tranquilly swirl’.

The crepuscule had betokened,
I had been exceedingly jocund,
An ambiance drenched with pure passion,
In addition a ball’s affection.

Just like Aphrodite,
Thou were mirroring sublimity,
Thou personified that Greek goddess,
Rouging in thy mien… bless!

“May I, please?”
Thy emollient hand softly squeeze’,
My lips joyously curled in a smile,
Thy grand halo ardently beguile’.

As we traipsed, psithurism chanted,
And night cicadas contributed,
Fusing euphonious melody,
We were harking to the symphony.

By and by, we closed in,
From far we saw it coruscatin’,
Versaille-like school flashy green,
That has never been seen.

“Shall we dance?”
Gliding in the spotlight and thou glance’,
The orchestra was playing a waltz,
Cupid chirpily turned somersaults.

We smooched to andante minuet,
Of all the songs, that was the best yet,
As the lyrics exalted Hathor,
The strain had deep intentions either.

Thenceforth, neath starry sky,
The dim route was lit by firefly,
We were padding into the sunrise,
That eve epitomise’.

My Valentine

We cheerily basked in brilliance,
Shed by Ra’s diffuse radiance,
Merrily narrowed nose to nose.
Thence we were always just that close.

We’d heard the brooks flow in river.
Adulation begot hunger,
An endlessly dolorous need,
Thee, an indispensable seed.

It had rooted in fecund earth.
Enchanting milieux had sourced mirth
From whence, rivulets through vessels
Nourished red roses and petals.

Love has redly burgeoned betwixt
Angelic petals, and transfixed
Astlik whom, as he’d gazed upon,
Has been plainly ravished hereon.




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