Prix Laurence - Bettembourg Prix Laurence 2018 - Luxembourg

Prix Laurence 2018

Carvalho Inês - Dahlia


2025 in High Road Primary School of Washington the English teacher is waiting for her students to sit down so she can start her lessons. 
-" Kids. Kids!"  

" Please sit down". 

" Today is …" 

-" Story Time". Yield a student before letting the teacher finish her sentence. 

-" That right Tim. Today I've got a fantasy Story for you guys. Are you ready to live with me a big adventure?" 

-" Yes." Screamed all the students. Everybody was excited for the story, so they stayed quiet and where set up to listen. 

-" Okay than let's begin!"  

A long time ago a girl was riding her bike to go on a big high school party where she was excited to go because all her friends where going too. So, she was very happy and had her head on the clouds. Until one moment where she had to pull her breaks fast. She looked up and she couldn’t believe her eyes, she laid down her bike and walked to a big white wall that was right in front of her. She never has seen something like that in her whole life, it looked like a portal, it was definitely something not from earth. She was a very curious girl so got closer and closer and saw a woman in a white dress calling for her. The woman reaches her hand to the young girl and grabs the girls arm and pulls her into the portal. 



-" Wake up! Wake up! "A man voice calling.  

-" You must wake up!" 

He gets closer to the girl face to listen if she is breathing. The girl slowly opens her eyes and screams: 

-" Haaaaaa what the hell, get of my face!" 

-" I'm sorry I saw you lying on the ground, so I thought you were dead, so I was checking if you were breathing. " 

" Wait let me help you get up."  He grabs her hand and helps her up. 

-" So, I'm Willi." 

-" Hi Willi, I'm Amberly". 

Suddenly she stars chocking at is face. 

-" What wrong?"  Asks Willi overwhelmed. 

" Why are you looking at me like that?" 

-" Wh.. Why do you have ears so big?" 

-" Why do you have ears so small?" 

-" No, seriously why are yours so big they look like elves ears?"  

-" It's because I'm an elf?" 

-" ohh ohh okay. I see! 

" Can I ask where I am?" 

-" You don’t know where you are?" 

-" Nope, I didn’t even know that elves actually exist so I'm kind of lost in my life right now." 

-" You in the planet of the elves." 

-" And that’s where?" 

-" Girl you use a lot of sarcasm." 

-" It's because I'm panicking. I get nervous really fast." 

-" Just calm down Amberly." 

-" How am I supposed to calm down if I'm lost?  I just want to go home." 

-" OK I know someone who might help you to go back home". 

-" REALLY?" 

-" Yes!" 

-" Thank you." 

-" You're welcome." 

-" So..." 

-" Wait do you hear that?" 

-" Hear what?" 

-" HORSES!" 

"Run!" He screams. 

Willi grabs her hand and they run to the woods as fast as they can. 

-" Stop oh uhuhu I'm tired." She breaths very fast. 

Why did we run? 

-" They were guards of the evil Queen." 

-" Evil Queen?" 

-" Yes, now come were going to a safer place." 

-" Where are we going?" 

-" To the village is where the most pore people live because the Queen doesn't care about us?" 

-" That's why you call her the EVIL Queen?" 

-" I guess so".  

-" Don't be sad. There are pore people on earth to, I'm one of them." 

-" And that is supposed to make me feel better?" 

-" Yes, it wasn't necessary to say this I'm sorry." 

-" It's okay" 

" So here we are our home!" 

They got in a hold fashion village where everybody treats each other like family. They are all pore, so they all build that big village for them together, so they can all have a place to live in.  

-" Come on Amberly you going to meet Professor Dean. He is a nice guy, he was a teacher here when we finished building this place but now he works in a library." 

Willi knocks at the library door and professor Dean opens the door. 

-" Goodmorning Willi." 

-" Goodmorning Professor." 

-" Do you come to get another book my boy." 

-" No Sir I'm here because a friend needs help and you might be the only one that I know who can help." 

" Come here Amberly!" 

-" Professor this is …" 

-" She's a human." 

-" Yes, Sir I am." 

-" Okay come in. Quick, quick." 

" Nobody can see you. " Said the professor with a worried face! 

" Willi can you come back later. I have a lot to tell this young lady." 

-" Yes, Sir no problem. I come later." 

-" Come with me. Amberly right?" 

-" Yes." 

Walking through an old library where everything looks so antiquated and amazingly beautiful. 

It's a big room and it has inspiring paintings on the walls and all books are classified by their subject, like history in one part of the room and science one the other side. 

-" Wow it's beautiful. I've never seen a library like this one." 

-" Do you like to read?" 

-" Yes, I love to read, my grandfather used to read to me when I was little. He worked in a library too?" 

-" He doesn't work there anymore. Why?" 

-" He died five years ago." 

-" I'm sorry." 

-" Here let me show you something an old friend gave to me. It's high technology it's really advanced it's a little machine where you can write any books name and the book comes out of that machine." 

"Here try it!" 

-" Ok let's see, witch book should I choose? " 

" Mmm I know Shakespeare THE HAMLET." 

The machine starts to make a little noise and then a green light goes on. 

-" Open it the book is there." 

-" Amazing the book is really here." 

-" You can stay with the book if you want." 

-" Thank you, Professor Dean." 

-" Ohh please call me Steve." 

-" Thank you, Steve." 

" Well you might have a lot of questions for me?" 

-" Yes, I do actually." 

-" I do to. Let's sit over there those chairs are quite comfortable." 

Both grab a chair and sit.  

-" So how did you get here if I may ask?" 

-" A portal I think it was a weird stuff like a big glowing wall on the middle of the street and then I saw that woman calling for me and she grabbed my arm and pulled me in. And then I woke up and Willi was there. It's all I can remember." 

" I got a question." 

-" Yes." 

-"How did you know I was a human?" 

-" Did Willi mention the "Evil Queen"? " 

-" Yes, he did. " 

-" Of course, that’s typical of Willi. " 

-" Is it because of her that you know that I'm a human?" 

-" Yes, Amberly it is." 

" The Queen's mother was a human." 

-" I'm not the first human here! How come that we never heard about this planet before?" 

-" Because she never made it back. Come on, let me tell you the story." 


A long time ago a space rocket fell in the woods and everybody wanted to know what that brilliant thing fallen from the sky was. So, King Amber and the young future King Lace picked the best soldiers to find out what it was and went to the woods. 

At the time that they got there they tough it was something to cause them harm, so they pointed their weapons to the thing getting out of it. It was dressed like an astronaut, so they didn't know what it was. But they were terrified because the thing was moving it arms closer and closer to take the helmet off until it took it off. 

It was a BEAUTIFUL woman. 

Prince Lace fell instantly in love with her so, the King took her to the castle. A few months later Prince Lace and Princess Anabelle got married. They were so in love and later they had a child, a girl named Kaya.   

Everything was perfect until they were declared King and Queen of the planets of Elves. The King and Queen were having problems in their paradise so, the Queen decided to go back home to earth. 

The problem was that the Queen had to find a portal to go back and she didn't and then she got crazy. However, the King was forced to lock her up to protect her and their daughter Kaya. 

Queen Anabelle was locked for five years and she was forbidden to see her child all that time and Kaya was raised by her guardian because her father was never close to her. After those five years Queen Anabelle medical conditions were good, and she was cleared to go out her cell. 

One day the Queen and the King went to the king's office to talk about Kaya's future as Queen, but the conversation escalated pretty quickly and got violent. Queen Anabelle took the knife underneath her dress and stabbed King Lace right in the heart. She run off and went to get Kaya. Kaya was playing outside until her mother came from behind and grabbed her arm. They started to run to the gate and Kaya noticed blood on her mother right hand and started to run slowly. The Queen was horrified, and she knew it was only a matter of time until the guard find out that the King was dead, and Kaya was missing. So, the guards started looking everywhere and locked all the main doors, so nobody could run off and, in the moment, that the gate was getting closed and the Queen and Kaya were getting out a guard shot an arrow right through the Queen's head. 


-" Kaya was never the same after her mother death." Explained professor with an unhappy voice. 

" She was raised by her uncle and she became Queen a few months ago." 

" Now you're the first human that appeared since that day and you better hope that the queen doesn't find out because I really don’t know what is going to happen if she does." 

-" Are you sure that I'm save here?" Replied Amberly whit a concerning voice. 

-" I'm not sure. I think there are some people spying us for the Queen." 

-" Do you know who?" 

-" I doubt of some." 

-" And how am I supposed to go out there without no one noticing that I am a human." 

-" Mmmm I got an idea, come." 

They enter in a room full of disguised clothes and accessories and Amberly put some old-fashioned clothes on and fake elves ears. 

-" Wohaow , you look nice Amberly. Can I come in by the way? " 

-" You already in Willi." Answered Amberly. 

-" Yes, I'm sorry cuz I knocked, and nobody went to open it." 

-" It's okay Willi." Said Professor. 

-" Can I show you around Miss?" 

-" Really funny Willi." And makes a wired look on her face. 

-" I think we had enough talk Amberly, go and get some fun." 

-" Ok then let's go." And she smiles of happiness. 

Willi opens the door and says, "ladies first" and laughs. 

" Don't forget to night is a special night Professor." And closes the door. 


At the castle of Queen Kaya in the hallway in the east wing of the castle two mads are arguing in front of the room. 

-" You are going in!"  

-" No, you are." 

-" That’s not even fair Liza, I was two minutes ago." 

-Liza exhales. " Alright just because you're a good friend Nora." 

-" Thank you, she gives me goosebumps every time I go in there. So, I wish you luck." And she runs of laughing. 

-" Come on you can do it Liza just calm down breath. It's not so bad going in there." She said in her toughs. 

She knocks on the door and the Queen open it. 

-" Your highness, Lord Eric is asking for you, he wants you to meet him at his office." 

-" Kaya nods her head for the made and says, "you can go now." 

Kaya waits till her made Liza walks out her room and closes the book she was reading and put it back on the shelf. 

Kaya goes to the window and opens the curtains to light up her big dark room.  

She opens the window who has a view to the gorgeous garden behind the castle. 

She's stares at the employees decorating and bringing tables and chairs out to the garden for tonight big event. 


Knocking at the door. 

-" Come in." 

-" Did you ask for me uncle?" 

-" Yes, darling. Take a seat. " Queen grabs a chair and sits down. 

-" Tonight, it's a big night, apart from being the Flowerhaunting festival, there are some important people to come to meet our young Queen. Queen of the planet of elves."  

"You." He said with jealousy. " So, I hope you be polite and give a good image of your Kingdome." 

-" Can I go now?" She's not much of a talker. 

-" Of course, your highness." 

Kaya turn away and opens the door. 

-" Just one more thing my Queen, wear something more colorful and pleasant, black is a repugnant color." 

-" Do you have anything else to say to your Queen Lord Eric." She replied in a rudely way to her uncle. She hates when he tells her wat to do but she does it anyway because she respects him. 

-" No, your highness you can go now." 

She closes the door with a little aggression. 


Back at the village Willi and Amberly are walking and helping for the Flowerhaunting Festival. 

-" So, what exactly is the Flowerhaunting Festival?" Asked Amberly. 

-" The Flowerhaunting Festival is where the Hunters go to the Flower Mountain. It's where the most rear and stunning Flowers grow from this planet and they get collected and given to the Queen as a gift. To represent the beauty of the Queen. It's a tradition for over three million years." 

" Don't you have any traditions on earth?" 

-" We do actually all over the planet in all single country their traditions are different." 

" It's beautiful to be different. " She adds with a sad voice. 

-" Do you miss home?" 

-" Well it's been six hours that I've been here so, I do a little." 

-" You know if there was any way to take you back home I would already have done it." 

-" I do. I think I should better get used to be here because no one knows a way out. 


-" I'm sorry." Willi puts his hand on her shoulder. 

-" Changing conversation. What exactly do you do on the Flowerhaunting Festival? Do you have any tradition dance or food?" 

-" Ohhh yes we do all of that and then at midnight we throw our Flower with a special note tight to it on the sea. 

-" WOW, that’s amazing. 

-Hey, William, are you coming to help? Jeff called from his house window. 

-" We're coming. That's my older brother Jeff." 

-" You have brothers!" 

-" I have Jeff my older brother and Naria my younger sister." 

-" Lucky you I always wanted siblings, but my parents never wanted another child." 

-" That sad. Let's go let me present you my family." 

They go inside the house and Willi's mum is cooking dinner for the Festival and at the table is Naria playing board games with a friend. 

-" Hi mum." 

-" Hi Willi." 

-" Mum this is a friend Amberly." 

-" Nice to meet you Amberly." 

-" Nice to meet you." Replied Amberly with an insecure voice. 

-" Are you coming or not? I need your help outside." Said Jeff when he arrived in the kitchen. 

-" Coming. Would you mind to stay here just for a little bit Amberly." 

-" No." 

-" Alright. I'll be right back." 

Willi and Jeff leave the house and they go to help the villagers to decorating for the Festival. 

Meanwhile Amberly helps Willi's mother cooking. 


As the hours passes by, Queen Kaya was finishing getting dressed and she was ready for the big night. Her uncle chose her mother favorite dress to dress. It was a simply white dress. Queen Anabelle loved it so much because she was wearing it when she found out she was pregnant of Kaya. 

Door opens, and Lord Eric comes in. 

-" You look amazing young lady. Stunning like your mother. Long brown hair and your eyes. 

Those green eyes. Just like her. Gorgeous." 

So are you ready 

Kaya stays there quiet and speechless because all she can think about is all those images she has left from her mother. 

-" Come on, people are waiting for you downstairs." 

Door opens Queen Kaya and Lord Eric get in the room, they walk to the end of the balcony in the garden. 

-" And now Your Queen." Announced Lord Eric. 

Everybody stopped talking and turned around to look upstairs to the Queen direction. 

-" I want to say thank you to all of you for coming tonight.  

Tonight, is the night where all women should be appreciated by their hard work, by their strength and by their beauty. 

Let the party begin." Stated the Queen. 

The crowd applauded, and the Queen went downstairs to great the people. 

-" My Queen I want you to meet some people, come."  Said Lord Eric to Kaya.  

" This is Lord Eldora from the Southside of Khalil and this is Lord Vaniz from the Orcs Planet. 

-" Nice to meet you my Queen."  Replied the two gentlemen. 

-" Nice to meet you." Answered Queen Kaya. 

They went to the table that was outside in the garden. All the guests were already there waiting for the Queen to have dinner. 

Lord Vaniz took his glass of wine and raised his arm and remarked " To the Queen". 

" To the Queen." Shouted the guests. 

They sit down and had dinner. 


Meanwhile in the village Willi had returned home and went to get his family and Amberly for dinner. 


-" Wow Amberly you look amazing." 

-" Thank you. Your mom gave it to me, she literally forced me to wear it. 

-Willi smiles. " I'm sorry for that." 

-" It's ok I like the dress it's simple and comfortable." 

-" Mom are you ready?" 

-" Yes, we are coming " Shouted Naria. 

Willi's mother and sister came from the living room to the kitchen. 

-" So, Willi do you like my dress?" Said Naria to Willi with a smile on her face. 

-" YES, you look lovely as always." 

They marched to the local where the party was and when they arrived Amberly was mind blowing. 

She had never seen so many Flowers in one place at once. The whole party was decorated with beautiful flowers.      

- "FLOWERS here and FLOWER there." said Naria. 

They even had a statue made of flowers. 

-" Wow this is AMAZNG." Added Amberly. 

-" I know right." Said Willi. " OHH there's Professor Dean." 

" Let's call him" 

" Professor" yield Willi.  

" His not hearing me." 

" STEVE" shouted Amberly. 

Professor Dean notice them and goes talk to them. 

-" Ahhh don't you look amazing Amberly." 

-Amberly smiles and gets flattered. 

-" There the dinner is getting served, let's go to the table." Said Naria 

The villagers were all enjoying the dinner with family and friends.  

And Amberly was amazed by the love that they had for each other. 


It was late, and the dinner was over, and the villagers were waiting for midnight to write a note and throw their flowers to the sea. 

-"Midnight, screamed a villager." 

Everybody was excited, they stood up and went to get a piece of paper and a pencil. They all write down something and walked near by the sea. A man was there waiting for them to give them a flower.  

-" So, professor witch flower is your favorite." Asked Amberly while they were waiting for the other villagers to get ready. 

"Mines are Lillies." She said. 

-" DAHLIA." He replied.  

" It was my best friend favorite flower." 

-" Was?" She asked. 

-" Queen Anabelle was my best friend, we knew each other since we were nine-teen." 

-" You knew Queen Anabelle?" 

-" Yes, we meet for the first time in the Flower Mountain near this rear appealing flower DAHLIA. She was on her honeymoon with King Lace. She even wanted to name her daughter DAHLIA, but King Lace didn't agree." 

-" I'm sorry I didn't mean to..." 

-" It's ok I know you didn't." He said before letting her finish her sentence. 

-"SO, is everybody in position to throw the flowers?" Said a villager. 

They throw their flowers to the sea and went all dancing by the fire. 


 Amberly and Willi stayed by the sea. 

-" So, you liked the night." Asked Willi. 

-" If I liked I loved it." 

-" Haa let's go swim."  

-" I'm not sure." 

-" Come on, please I beg." Said Willi with his pretty smile. 

-" Okay, I go with you." 

Willi took her hand and pushed her to the water. 

-" Ohh no, my elf ears." Screamed Amberly. 

-" Don’t worry I'll go get them." 

-" Willi?" 

-" Wait I almost got them. 

-" Willi?" 

-" Got them." 

-" Willi? Yield Amberly. 

-" What's up?" 
-" I've heard a noise. What if somebody saw me. 

-" Don't worry it's probably a deer on the woods. 

-" Let's go home I don't want to swim anymore." 

-" As you wish." 


The next morning at the castle. 

Lord Eric was commanding the gardeners to put the flowers that Queen Kaya received from last night. 

-" Lord Eric someone is here to talk to you. He is waiting for you at your office." Said a valet. 

-" I'm coming." 

-" Yes sir." 

-" So, what do you have to tell me about the villagers this time." 

-" A human. I saw a human Sir." 

-" A human?" Lord Eric couldn't believe is ears.  

-" YES, Sir she had no elf ears. I swear I saw her." 

-" It's a girl?" 

-" YES, she's about the age of the Queen.  

-" Nine-teen." Said Lord Eric. 

-" And I know where she is right now." 

-" Guards come here. You are going to fallow this man to the village and bring the earthling." 

-" Am I not getting paid for brining you information Sir. " 

-" No, I want to see the girl first." 

The guards and the men left and went to the village. 


At the village Amberly is taking breakfast with Willi and his mother. 

-" So, did you kids have fun last night." Asked Willi's mother. 

-" We did." Replied Willi. 

At that moment the door was opened with aggression by the Queen's Guard. 

-" It's her said the men." 

-" The guards got in the house and took Amberly out by her arm. 

-" Willi help." She screamed. 

-" Amberly."  HE SCREAMED 

The guards didn't let Willi get close to Amberly. So, they hold him tight to the wall while one guard put Amberly on his horse. 


At the castle. 

The guards opened the gate and take Amberly to Lord Eric. 

-" Here Sir." 

-" Thank you and take this money to the men please." 

-" So, you are a human." 

Amberly gives him a dead steer and don't answer the questions that he makes. 

After a while he takes her to a cage because she's not saying anything. 

Queen Kaya comes down to the living room and passes by her uncle office where he is talking to two other men. 

-" So, I need her to open the portal because only a human can do it. " Said Lord Eric. 

-" She's not even talking to you so how are you going to find the portal." 

-" I don’t know I just know I want to take planet earth for me. And you are going to help me." 

Kaya goes in like she didn't heard any part of the conversation. 

-" So, I've heard we got a human caged." 

-" Yes, I caught her for you." Answered Lord Eric. 

-" For me?" 

-" Yes, darling." 

-" So, I want her out of the cage she's not a monster." 

Lord Eric didn't know what to say. He wasn't expecting that. 

-" Guard go get the girl and bring her to my room." 

-" Yes, my highness." 

The Queen left the office and went to her room. 

-" She's going to be a problem. " Said Lord Eric to the other men. 


Knocking at the Queen's room. 

-" Come in." 

Amberly gets in the room and stays amazed, she wasn't expecting a young beautiful Queen. 

-" What's your name?" 

-" Amberly". She whispers. 

-" Speak up." 

-" Amberly". 

-" Amberly I'm Queen Kaya."  

-" I know who you are." She replied. 

-" You do?" 

-" Yes, I know everything about you." 

-" Well than you know you're not the only human that I see." 

-" I know." 

-" So, I called you here because I want you to help me, so I can help you." 

-" I don't need your help." 

-" But still I need your help. I heard this morning my uncle talking about that only a human can open a portal and he wants you to find it, so he can get control over earth with other powerful men." 

-" What? That can't happen." 

-" That's why I want your help." 


-" How do we start?" 

-" Well by going to his room because he somehow knew that only a human could open a portal and only one person on this planet knew it." 

-" Your mother." 

-" Yes. Who told you about my mother." 

-" Your mom best friend. STEVE DEAN." 

-" STEVE that name tells me something." 

The girls went to Lord Eric's room and split to find something helpful. 

-" Here this book Kaya. Uhhhmm sorry Queen that's what I should say. 

-" It's ok you can call me Kaya. Those are my mother's journals." 

-" Ok let's take them to my room." 

They go running to one room to the other, so nobody catches them. 

-" Fast." Say Kaya and laughs. 

-" I'm sorry I don’t do this kind of things often." And Amberly giggles. 

They both sit down on the Queen's bed. 

-" So, you take this, and I take this journal." 

They both spent hours reading the journals to look for information.  

-" There's a thing that I don’t understand if your mother wanted to go away with you she probably knew where the portal was no?" 

-" That’s what it's written here she says if you want to find the portal you have to fall in love with a place or a thing and there will the portal be." Answered Kaya. 

" And here's written a poem I think, I can't understand it." 

-" What is it." Asked Amberly. 

-" My rear precious flower is where I found my home." 

Amberly makes a weird face and repeated the poem in her head again and again. 

-" The Flowers Moutain" Says Amberly. 

-" What?" Asked Kaya. 

-" Yes of course, your name. Dhuuu it's obvious." 

-" Amberly could you please explain?" 

-" Yes of course, I'm sorry. So, Professor dean told me he met your mom near this rear beautiful flower DAHLIA in the Flower Moutain and your mother wanted to name you like that, but your father didn't agree. 

-" Seriously?" 

-"Yes. So, know we just must go there and I can go home." She said with happiness. 

"What are you going to do with your uncle?" 

-" I gone take decisions for once in my life, he is the one who does everything for me and it kind of makes me angry because he only wants my control. So, I'm gone make a deal with him, he teaches me everything he knows about ruling or he'll be banished from my lands. Because I'm done being told that I'm too young to rule." 

-" So, all the poverty that exists here his because of him." 

-" Yes, I think it's about time to change that." 

-"YES, because the villagers hate you, they think it's your fault." 

-"Serious? How do know that." 

-" I was found by Willi a villager, he was the one who told me that people hate you." 

-" Okay I'm going to talk with my uncle right now to change this and tomorrow we going to talk with the villagers and then we go to the Flower Mountain. 

-" GOOD plan." Says Amberly and smiles. 

The Queen went to talk with Lord Eric and Lord Eric had no other choice than except the Queen's deal. 

The next morning the Queen went to the village for the first time with Amberly and she talked to them and offered them new schools, new jobs a better life for everyone. She changed their life by given them more chances. After that she went with Willi and Professor and Amberly to the Flower Mountain. 

-" Wow this is really a beautiful flower." Said Kaya. 

-" Now you have to touch it and think about home." Said Professor Dean. 

-" Ok" And she touches it. 

The big white portal appeared behind her. 

-" Wow that’s amazing." Told Willi. 

Amberly stared to cry and gave a hug to everyone and told them she's going to miss them. 

-"We are going to miss you too." Responded Kaya. 

Amberly turn around and got in the Portal and she was gone. 

When she got on the other side she was back at the same road, at the same time and couldn't remember what happened, like it never happened anything. 

She picked her bike from the ground and ride to the party that she was going to on the beginning. 


-"Ende of the story kids." 

-"No" replied the students. 

Bell rings the school is over. 

-" So, see you tomorrow." 

A student went next to the teacher and said " Miss Amberly can you please next time tell another story like that. 

-" YES, in my next dream." She answered. 



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-  Wir sagen uns Dunkles
Die Liebesgeschichte zwischen
Ingeborg Bachmann und Paul Celan
DVA, 2017


-  Nemesis
Roman, rororo, 2018


-  A Grace Paley Reader
Stories, essays, poetry

Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2017

-  Manchmal kommen ...
Gedichte, Schöffling & Co, 2018


-  Die schönsten Streichhölzer der Welt
Englisch - Deutsch, mit den Gedichten
aus Jim Jarmuschs Film Paterson
Dieterich'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, 2017


-  Spitzen
Gedichte. Fanbook. Hall of Fame.
edition suhrkamp, 2018


-  Die Live Butterfly Show
Gedichte, Hanser Berlin, 2018


-  Infiniment proche
Poésie, Gallimard, 2015


-  Femmes poètes de la Beat Generation
éditions Bruno Doucey, 2018


-  Picknick in der Nacht
Gedichte, Hanser, 2016


-  An den Ufern der Dunkelheit
Gedichte aus Palästina
Fischer Taschenbuch, 2013


-  Warum ich nicht im Netz bin
Gedichte und Prosa aus dem Krieg
Suhrkamp, 2016


-  Das Buch der klassischen Haiku
Hrsgb. Jan Ulenbrook
Reclam, 2018


-  Let Them Eat Chaos
Sollen sie doch Chaos fressen
Lyrik, edition suhrkamp, 2018

-  Hold Your Own
Gedichte, Suhrkamp, 2016

-  Worauf du dich verlassen kannst
Roman, Rowohlt, 2016


-  Fjorde
Lyrik, édition g. binsfeld, 2018


-  Fass mich an
Beats, Punchlines, Bitchmoves
édition g. binsfeld, 2017


-  Autopsie
Roman (op lëtz.), Ultimomondo, 2014

-  Abrasch
Poesie, éd. phi, 2013

(1957 - 2018)

-  Fuchs im Aufzug
Erzählungen, capybarabooks, 2017


-  Déi 20 kleng Bicher am "Schuber"
aus der Collectioun smart
Erzielungen, éd. Kremart, 2017

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